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Plant reproduction is the production of new offspring in plants, which can be accomplished by sexual or asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction produces offspring by the fusion of gametes, resulting in offspring genetically different from the. Sexual reproduction involves two fundamental processes: and flowering plants (angiosperms), the gametophytes are.

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By Dikree - 09:03
Most exam boards only require knowledge about reproduction in Angiosperms - the flowering plants.​ Sexual reproduction in flowering plants centres around the flower.​ Many plants favour cross-pollination, so pollen must be transferred to the stigma of another plant if sexual.
By Tauzilkree - 09:12
Angiosperms use flowers of all sizes to reproduce. The most advanced of the plants have their own way of sexually reproducing. It is a very fancy and very.
By Tygom - 06:28
Flowering plants reproduce sexually through a process called pollination. The flowers contain male sex organs called stamens and female sex.
By Zukora - 23:26
Many of the structures associated with sexual reproduction in plants are valuable Cross-pollination is the transfer of pollen from the anther of one flower to the.
By Kashura - 12:22
Sexual Reproduction. What do we observe first in a plant? Flowers, right? They are bright, colourful and so beautiful. We use them for so many occasions.

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