How To Install USB Mass Storage Device on Windows 98 • - Connect drive flash thumb windows 98

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The immediate problem was getting the flash drive to work. What I found was a generic Windows 98SE USB mass storage device driver that will work with many makes Digital Photo and Video Cameras (that connect to the PC via USB). How to Use USB Drives With Windows When I was a kid, my first If you have your own W98 machine in you have probably realized that USB thumb drives An internet connection; A way to send files to the W98 computer (​ex: disk drive) connector (image 1 and 2); W98 install disk; Flash drive (image 3 is mine).

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By Malarn - 13:15
My advice is to format the flash drive on a newer computer/OS using FAT32 You can even mount it in a drive bay, perhaps in place of the original floppy drive. Windows 98 doesn't come with any drivers built-in for the USB Mass Storage.
By Zurg - 13:14
I need a flash drive that is compatible with Windows 98 on an old computer to transfer files to a new computer. All of the Sandisk products seem.
By Dulabar - 17:46 › questions › how-to-use-usb-flash-drives-with-wind.
By JoJom - 11:38
With the computers directly connected it should be easier to find a generic terminal program that will allow you to send the files across the wire.
By Tazragore - 18:01
USB flash drive not responding in Win 98 - posted in Windows 95/98/ME: I have an I plug in my usb thumb drive and it wont respond. This system doesnt have an ethernet connection, so do I need to get drivers on a cd from.

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